About Vidhya Jyothi Trust

Education is always responsible to bring paradigm shift which is also the law of nature as the chnage is inevitable & is the backbone of growth & development.
Education is more than a luxury;
It is responsibility that society owes to itself.

-Robin Cook
Keeping this ethos in mind the trustees of Vidhya Jyothi Trust , Chennai took up the task of establishing engineering college in the area where no institute of technical education has ever thought to venture.

Vidhya Jyothi Trust (VJT) is established with the main objective of development of social, educational and intellectual level of the youth. The Trust also aims to develop new institutions for imparting higher education. The Vidhya Jyothi Trust (VJT) set up by Shri. N Sugal Chand Jain, has taken over the various schools run till recently by the Jadavbai Nathmal Singhvi Trust formed 1984.
In pursuance of upliftment of education, the trust manages number of institutions including School and Engineering Colleges having strength of students more than 2500 and 200+ staffs. The Schools and colleges run by Vidhya Jyothi Trust (VJT) are recognized by the Government of Tamil Nadu or Government of Rajasthan.
At present, there are three schools - two Nursery & Primary Schools and one Matriculation Higher Secondary School. The schools have well equipped infrastructure in terms of land and building, Science laboratory, Library, Computer lab, Indoor playground and Auditorium. The schools emphasize on the holistic development of the students by providing extracurricular activities like Abacus, Bharathanatyam, Table Tennis, ACC, NCC, Guides, Scouts and Junior Red Cross. The students are also encouraged to volunteer for the Road Safety Patrol, to visit orphanages & rural hospitals and participate in various competitions regularly.
Vidhya Jyothi Trust (VJT) is a Philanthropic Trust whose members include well-known Industrialists, Businessmen, Professionals and Educationists. The people associated with the Trust are engaged in rendering social services in Delhi, Chennai, Rajasthan & other part of the country by establishing hospitals and educational institutions. The members of the society are committed to provide the investment needed for the education with global competitiveness. No compromise is made in ensuring the high quality of engineering education in the Institute.
Through the technical programmes and advanced laboratories, not only technical skills are being sharpened as required by the wide spread impact of Information Technology, but also a conscious foundation is being laid to educate and nurture the qualities of good citizenship to uphold those social and moral values.